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Dr. Ella Frekel Speaks on the Past and Future of Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV.PK)

Last week, Dr. Ella Frenkel, the President and CEO of Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., gave a speech summarizing the company, what has been accomplished over the past year, and where the company is headed. The speech was given at an especially active time for SE Concepts, makers of the SpaCapsule® hydro-massage and personal sensory system. January was by far the biggest single month in the history of the company, but just the beginning of what Dr. Frenkel called “a path of explosive growth”.

Dr. Frenkel began by describing the history of SE Concepts, from its founding in 2000, to the development and patenting of their flagship product, SpaCapsule, and their growing national and international sales. Today, SpaCapsule is a recognized worldwide leader in hydro massage technology. “From retail locations to corporate relaxation centers, the hospitality industry, the medical and health care space, and amazingly within the fitness markets as news of the slimming, weight loss and cellulite reduction benefits of the SpaCapsule is spreading like wildfire across the globe.”

A key point made in the speech was SpaCapsule’s unique dual barrier, a combination which not only keeps the user dry, but also effectively hides the body. It’s a feature especially important in the Middle East, where modesty is an integral part of the culture, and has been a major factor in the company’s dramatic growth in the area.

In 2010, great progress was made in transitioning to a distributor based marketing model, which has already boosted the bottom line. “Making this change allowed us to develop relationships with solid organizations, many at the international level, each bringing in their own valuable skillsets and client relationships. Making this change to the model instantly allowed us to cut spending on a large percentage of marketing expenses, as well as the associated salaries and commissions of sales associates.” Dr. Frenkel indicated that they are now engaged in talks with new distributorship opportunities in Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Taiwan, China, Estonia, Lithuania, and Russia.

Another major marketing success came in the form of study results released by the Dermscan Group, an international cosmetic and clinical research company. The study showed that SpaCapsule is efficient at cellulite reduction and clearly contributes to weight loss. This development opens up many new doors for SpaCapsule distribution and sales.

Dr. Frenkel went on to discuss goals for 2011, the first of which is to continue increasing sales and reducing costs. She pointed out unit cost reductions that can be made at the manufacturing level, promising an increase in unit profitability by as much as 50%. Another goal is to “increase the ability for independent business owners around the world to bring SpaCapsule into their existing business or perhaps assist them with an entirely new business opportunity altogether”.

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