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Few industries have not been touched by the Web and all of the potentials it represents. In the case of Loans4Less, an expanding online mortgage loan broker dealing with residential mortgages, the Web offers a revolution in the way home buyers can shop for mortgages. Unlike some businesses, including many mortgage and real estate businesses, which simply add a Web front-end to their traditional market presence, Loans4Less has made the Web a foundation for its operations, taking full advantage of the latest online technologies. The company sees this as key to growing a devoted fan base, prospects that will become solid customers as they get drawn into the process, becoming comfortable with the company's information capabilities and trustworthiness.

A good example is the company's online mortgage calculator and pre-qualifier that provides an easy, flexible, and confidential way for people to get a clear idea of the true costs and fees associated with a new mortgage. Without entering any personal or contact information, viewers can easily manipulate any combination of variables on sliding scales, and see how each is affected by the other, allowing them to arrive at the perfect combination for their needs. All numbers are automatically adjusted to avoid scenarios that are unsupportable, with variables including:

• Income

• Purchase Price

• Monthly Payment

• Total Loan Amount

• Loan Term

• Interest Rate

• Property Tax

• Property Insurance

• Down Payment

• Loan Origination Fee

• Loan Points

The system even does graphical breakdowns, showing, among other things, how the loan will amortize over time.

Not only do such online capabilities attract customers, they also educate prospects in what to expect, making the eventual loan application process go much more smoothly and satisfactorily for everyone involved, something that builds customer loyalty and word-of-mouth market support.

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