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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) Picks Up Good Vibrations

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The power of communication is one of the most dramatic accomplishments of the modern age, transforming, among other things, the way people are entertained. From the earliest sound recordings and motion pictures, with silent movies giving way to sound, black and white giving way to color, followed eventually by wide screen, stereo, and 3D. It's all about making people feel like they are part of the event, part of the action. One game-changing technology has inevitably made way for another.

The latest revolution comes from an Ohio based company that is changing the way theaters and theater goers around the world experience movies and broadcast events. The Guitammer Company has invented a way to communicate the subtle, and often not-so-subtle, vibrations inherent in a sporting or musical or movie event that make the person feel like they are there, experiencing it live. It's the sensation that some people attempt to capture by simply turning up the volume to annoyingly high levels, volumes that can even damage hearing.

But the Guitammer technology has nothing to do with volume, using instead ultra-low frequency sound waves that are felt rather than heard. Sound waves are picked up from the recorded event, such as the enhanced sound from a movie, and are converted to low frequency vibrations that shake the theater seat or even home couches, creating an undeniable feeling of being there, part of the action. It's a technology they've already installed in theaters all over the world, with in-home versions also available.

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