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Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (BGMO) Offers An Alternative To Developing Nations

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It's a sad fact that hundreds of millions of people around the world do not have regular access to the fundamental requirements of a healthy life, such as clean water or basic electrical power. Every year millions of people, many of them children, perish as the result of water related diseases, almost all of them in developing nations. To make matters worse, millions of people are added to cities in these countries every year, cities that do not even have the utilities to support their existing inhabitants. World population is projected to top 8 billion over the next 20 years, with almost all of that growth occurring in developing countries.

Electrical power is a key factor in securing and distributing a dependable supply of clean drinking water. In the past, there were few options for generating such power without the construction of traditional centralized power plants, but conventional power generation is costly, requiring significant investments in plants, transmission networks, and logistics infrastructure. In addition, fossil fueled plants pose environmental threats that few developing countries are willing to accept. Today, however, new technologies make alternative energy a viable choice.

Bergamo's long term goal is to be the leading supplier of renewable electricity and clean drinking water to millions of people inhabiting urban and rural areas across the globe. Through Bergamo Acquisition's subsidiary in Florida, Bergamo Energy, the company's engineers have developed solar generators for home and industry applications, as well as solar operated tube well water pumping systems, to meet the vast energy needs of emerging markets. For example, the economically advanced 5 MW Hybrid Solar Thermal Power Plant is designed to produce more than 40 GWh of base load power with an oversized solar field yielding a 25% capacity factor, and, when operational, is designed to provide power for up to 20,000 average homes. Such plants have advantages over photovoltaics in terms of their fuel flexibility and longevity. Each 5 MW CSP plant can also provide up to 250,000 gallons daily of potable water from a brackish or seawater source in conjunction with electricity generation, and only 30 acres of land is required to install 5 MW power plants.

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