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Big Cat Energy Corp. (BCTE.OB) Announces $150k Initial Production Order for Environmentally Friendly ARID Water Handling System

Big Cat Energy, – the leading provider of environmentally friendly solutions for Coal Bed Methane (NYSE:CBM) operators to safely handle produced water by eliminating surface discharged water via the Company’s proprietary ARID™ Aquifer Recharge Injection system, reported receipt today of a $150k order for the ARID system from High Plains Gas, Inc., to facilitate operations at two of that company’s production fields.

President and CEO of BCTE, Tim Barritt, noted the tight integration between BCTE and High Plains, showcasing the Company’s ability to stay ahead of demand within the sector by working directly with customers to maintain ongoing evaluation of requirements and the potential for ARID implementation.

Barritt called the order a hallmark of things to come, fully aware of the projected growth at High Plains, where CBM water handling requirements have steadily increased to a point where the ARID system can not only provide cost and efficiency improvements, but help to instantly address environmental impact concerns across the board.

The multiple benefits of the ARID system to CBM operators and landowners, from outrightly eliminating a variety of costs to reducing the time required to complete operations, is enough to justify its use; but the way this ingenious system is able cut the environmental impact of CBM operations, effectively making those operators “green” operators, is truly extraordinary.

Terms of the order stipulate that a payment be made in cash with the order and that once permitting has been completed (scheduled to start immediately, BCTE projects a late April issuance date on necessary permits) the balance is due.

COO of BCTE, Ray Murphy, underscored the four years of R&D and pilot programs that have gone into making ARID the “best practice” for CBM water handling under full production conditions. Murphy thanked High Plains for operational and financial support during this process, providing encouraging evidence that we have not seen the last of this dynamic duo.

President and COO of High Plains, Mark Hettinger, echoed the sentiments expressed by BCTE personnel roundly, calling this order the first step towards rapid integration of the ARID system along predetermined lines.

Hettinger pointed out that additional areas, prime for installation of the ARID system were currently under review and that the “cost savings and ease of use” the ARID system provides would enable High Plains to bring many stranded wells, which lack the proper infrastructure currently, online and into environmentally safe production.

The Company has already delivered a prior $80k order of ARID technology to High Plains and as these already permitted installations come online, BCTE is able to provide ample evidence to shareholders that near- and long-term returns are well within the Company’s grasp.

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