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ONE Bio, Corp. (ONBI.OB) Signs Major Japanese Distribution Agreement with Sanyo for Private-Label Organic Products

ONE Bio, – a developer of a wide variety of herbal extracts and other organic nutraceutical products, has rapidly grown to prominence in the Asia-Pacific and US markets, triumphantly announcing a major milestone today having signed an important distribution agreement with Japanese powerhouse Sanyo Trading Co. Ltd.

The Company has already cemented a firm footing in a sector that has seen incredible growth in recent years, especially in Asian markets like China and Japan where health-conscious consumers flock to ONBI offerings like Resveratrol, Solanesol, CoQ10 and 5-HTP, in addition to the Company’s organic bamboo health foods and beverages.

This deal reinforces ONBI’s already strong presence in Japan, extending the distribution network’s footprint and following fast on the heels of the wildly successful private-label brand for Japanese supermarket dynamo Kobe Bussan.

The agreement calls for production of a new private-label series of organic products for Sanyo’s chain of supermarkets, ranging in size from Wal-Mart-owned big box-type stores like Jusco, Ito Yokado, and Seiyu or competitor Daiei, to localized food stores like Foodex, Ogikubo and Y’s Mart.

This contract will leverage the power of the Company’s Organic Products division, which has seen exceptional sales growth (20%) since inception of the private-label line in March of last year, to bring an exciting new series of highly sought after products to Japanese consumers who account for roughly 30% of the aforementioned sales.

Maximum quality-control assured in the selection of vegetable inputs and final products delivered to consumers, coupled with runaway demand for organic products are powering a trend that has shown no sign of stopping in either US or Asian markets and the Company has paid its dues to build a reputation among street-wise consumers.

CEO of ONBI, Marius Silvasan, from the Company’s HQ in Miami, took some time to comment on the significance of the Japanese market for ONBI, saying that Japanese consumers, with the highest disposable income in Asia, have quickly built an extremely receptive (and statistically the largest in Asia) organic food and drink market.

A market where the Company’s Japanese Agricultural Standard Gold-certified (the highest possible standard in Japan) products greet consumers with safety and quality assurances that make the taste a true worry-free delight.

Silvasan thanked Kobe, Sanyo and other Japanese retailers who have stood by the Company during its rise to success and cited Datamonitor’s analysis of the global organic food market, which grew 9.7% in 2009 to $60B, saying that if the $96.6B (60.7% growth) figure projected for 2014 is accurate, ONBI and Sanyo will both stand to generate substantial returns for shareholders by continuing to expand via all available distribution channels.

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