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Dot Hill Systems Corp. (HILL) Protects Ability To Maximize Performance Of Real-Time Tiered Storage

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Dot Hill Systems, a leading provider of SAN storage solutions, announced that it has patented a new method for maximizing performance in its AssuredSAN(NYSE:TM) Pro 5000 Series, the company's real-time tiered storage solution. Dot Hill's AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series provides a real-time autonomic process to manage both "hot" and "cold" data, delivering storage performance when it's most needed.

The AssuredSAN(TM) Pro 5000 Series leverages this autonomic process to reduce waiting time for data searches. Traditional systems utilizing spinning disks can suffer from latency when a majority of data is concentrated on one drive. By removing the process of request queuing, RealStor(TM) moves the pages automatically to another drive within the same tier, reducing latency and improving speed. Doing so maximizes the performance in all tiers. Happening in real-time, the data migration requires neither policy setting nor intervention on the user's part. This marks the 87th patent for Dot Hill, numbered 8,321,646, which describes a lightweight algorithm to keep track of pages in all storage components in a storage tier.

Because Dot Hill's RealStor technology tracks which pages are hot and cold in a storage tier, the platform is able to balance demand across multiple components by moving the hot and cold pages from one component to another. This allows for even workload distribution across the system, increasing overall system performance.

"IT professionals today want highly responsive storage solutions with self-managing features that can handle drastic spikes in data usage," stated Ken Day, senior vice president of engineering, Dot Hill. "Securing our 87th patent demonstrates our ongoing commitment to lead storage technology with differentiated product characteristics to capture an increasing share of the midrange storage market."

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