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GreenHouse Holdings, Inc. (GRHU.OB) Energy Efficiency Products Experience Sales Growth

Yesterday, GreenHouse Holdings, Inc. announced that they are experiencing ongoing growth with their single-family residence energy efficiency retrofit business. GreenHouse reported a 100% increase in contracts during January 2011 over January 2010, a trend that GreenHouse attributes to families rethinking how they spend money on their homes and greening them. This is in part due to the large amount of new and inexpensive sustainable technologies that have become commercially available over the past several years.

GreenHouse primarily provides its energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions in San Diego County, but their recent growth has fueled their expansion into other California counties with a move towards national expansion through 2011. GreenHouse designs, manufactures and constructs green products for residence as well as for commercial, industrial, military and government facilities.

GreenHouse’s products include items such as Coolwall Exterior Coating, an energy efficient paint that reduces exterior building temperature while cutting cooling costs, as well as Greenfiber Insulation, which is low cost and provides a much more efficient level of heat retention in buildings. They also manufacture energy efficient dual paned windows, and solar PV systems, with a new system that is able to harvest more sunlight than previous technologies.

Due to an overall trend in greening and efficiency within the construction industry, GreenHouse has seen the effects rejuvenating the industry as a whole via retrofitting with environmentally friendly products and technology, such as low flow toilets, solar PV systems and LED lighting. GreenHouse estimates that their retrofits have removed 300 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually, while their customers have seen a savings of 25% on utility bills. They also estimate that their solar customers have removed 17 tons of CO2 while generating 41 megawatt/hours of electricity from solar fixtures since October 2010.

“The return on investment for energy efficiency remodels is undeniable. With homeowners nationwide tightening their budgets and wanting every dollar to count these types of home improvements make sense,” remarked John Galt, Executive Chairman and CEO for GreenHouse Holdings Inc. “We give discerning homeowners the ability to make their homes more efficient, healthier and beautiful all while knowing they are making fiscally responsible decisions.”

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