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Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC) Is “One To Watch”

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Biotech subsidiary of Rainbow Coral Corp., Rainbow BioSciences, is making some big moves in the sector by joint venturing with hot properties that have short-term marketability and commercialization potential in key areas like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's (the wider neurological field), and Cancer. Constantly on the lookout for new biotech partnership opportunities at the leading conferences, RBCC keeps a keen eye on the sector and has made some shrewd plays that position shareholders for tremendously low-risk upside.

RBCC is a tip-of-the-spear company pioneering new medical territory in a global biotech market that has ballooned to over $84.6B through strategic deals where the company has identified development potential for next-gen bioscience solutions. As evidenced by the recent licensing of a breakthrough in Alzheimer's diagnostics by pending JV partner Amarantus BioScience, Inc. (OTCPK:AMBS), a blood test for the terrible neurological disease that has severely impacted the lives of some 5.4M Americans and counting (that's one in eight out of a burgeoning boomer population, costing upwards of $200B in the U.S. alone in 2012). This new, ingenious diagnostic framework, the LymPro Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic Blood Test (LymPro) by Memory Dx, LLC, promises to become an indispensible tool in the clinical trial tool belt for Alzheimer's.

A similar JV framework was arrived at previously for AMBS's Parkinson's disease and traumatic brain/nervous system injury diagnostic offering, NuroPro, designed as an early warning Parkinson's Diagnostic Blood Test and a disease-modifying protein drug candidate to accompany the early warning system. Amarantus landed $1.1M in financing in November on the strength of their balance sheet and pipeline potential alone.

The AMBS relationship is a perfect example of the cunning strategic savvy already demonstrated by RBCC, which has clearly spotted the market cap potential in teaming up with this sort of company, who can also really drop the hammer when it comes to securing vital IP infrastructure. This was proven by the recent (Dec 5, 2012) patent victory in Europe won over their proprietary anti-apoptosis therapeutic protein, MANF, and its derivatives. A victory generally seen throughout the industry as a total vindication of the originally granted, broad claims/protections related to MANF.

Remember, this is an operational space where bioscience developers like Puma Biotechnology, Inc. (NYSE:PBYI), which recently closed a $138M public offering of common stock (they also closed a $55M private placement back in Oct of 2011), can springboard mightily off of breakthroughs (in the case of Puma, a strong oral drug pipeline for breast cancer).

San Francisco-based biotech player RBCC will be making the rounds at the upcoming Biotech Showcase™ 2013 and has an established track-record of mining such venues (this year's Showcase is expected to bring in 1.5k or more of the most influential people in the industry today) for the hidden gems of the biotech space. A space that gave rise to companies like Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTIC) and now sector giant Amgen Inc. (AMGN, last trade $88.67, opened at around $0.10 and traded under a dollar for pretty much all of the 80′s), which started as a bunch of kids fresh out of grad school in 1980 with a mere $200k in seed capital (a later $19.4M venture capital investment) and a $42.3M IPO, despite a big preceding opening by rival Genentech.

Another example of the relentless drive by RBCC to seek out new medical and research technology innovations is the extensive work with JV partner Nano3D Biosciences (n3D), whose revolutionary 3D cell culturing technology was recently (Nov 7, 2012) pivotal to a key study in adipose tissue engineering (Adipose Tissue Engineering.pdf), where the power of n3D's Bio-Assembler™ technology got a superb chance to demonstrate its efficacy. The biotech market is already taking note and investors would be wise to follow the wider industry's lead in anticipating explosive growth from RBCC, as the company has quickly put together a considerable tech footprint that stretches across entire sectors.

The impact to the future of cell research from something like the n3D Bio-Assembler technology is immense and RBCC's equity interest gives shareholders a de-risked vector for short-term viable returns. The Bio-Assembler technology is rather straight forward as well, making it a perfectly robust sort of tool that allows for rapid development of 3D cell architectures, with the same ease of use already familiar in standard monolayer, 2D culturing (with equivalent prep/build times). The compatibility with virtually any type of cell and extremely accurate rapid prototyping of high-fidelity in vivo models available via the Bio-Assembler could change the face of clinical cell research forever.

The Nov 12, 2012, report by RBCC on the potential for n3D's Bio-Assembler technology to break new ground in cancer research should be of particular interest to investors, as the technology's fusion of magnetic levitation and nanoparticle assembly results in extremely precise, yet speedily produced 3D representations of tissue systems which are ideal for the sort of rigorous clinical work that needs doing.

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