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Simulated Environment Concepts (SMEV) Reduces Stress with a Natural Approach

Life is the melding of multiple senses. It’s through these senses that we maintain a sense of the world, deciding whether it’s threatening and stressful or satisfying and peaceful. Simulated Environment Concepts understands this idea better than anyone, infusing their flagship product SpaCapsule with a carefully integrated combination of sensory stimulator systems capable of building a variety of positive and stress-reducing environments. Like a perfectly tuned noise cancelling system, the self-contained SpaCapsule provides a programmable sequence of sights, sounds, feelings and aromas designed to effectively counter the aches and stress that are a common part of modern life.

At the heart of SpaCapsule is its unmatched computer-controlled water massage, using an advanced Pressure-Jet TechnologyTM to produce the most realistic and effective hydro massage available anywhere. The technology behind SpaCapsule is the result of years of research, guided by doctors looking for a better way to deal with stress and its many complications. Therapeutic massage has long been known to address body pains, muscle tension, and poor circulation, to which SpaCapsule adds a psychological boost through the coordinated stimulation of other senses.

One of the key factors engineered into every SpaCapsule is ease of installation and use, opening the product to virtually any market, including doctors’ offices, spas, hotels, clinics, and fitness centers. It requires only standard electrical service, with no plumbing, allowing the full system to be set up in as little as 15 minutes. Typically, a customer representative will be there to ensure that delivery and setup is 100% pain free, with all questions answered. Operation is simple, with advanced capabilities built into the system, meaning that SpaCapsule is immediately ready to use and to make money.

For businesses looking for something new and exciting to offer customers, SpaCapsule is an easy fit, a quick generator of income that even carries its own financing.

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