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Garb Oil & Power Corp. (GARB) is “One to Watch”

Garb Oil & Power Corp. is focused on providing high-quality equipment to the waste processing and recycling industries. The Company’s technologies allow clients to push their waste processing and recycling goals forward. Capable of providing single machines or an entire plant, Garb offers fresh, profitable ideas and comprehensive value-added solutions that promise a high rate of return on investment.

The Company’s family of products includes a wide range of innovative and proven products, systems and peripherals—all built with precision and the finest quality in mind. Garb is committed to long-term solutions, building engineering quality, longevity, strength, reliability, and low cost of ownership into every single machine, processing line and complete plant that they design, produce and install.

The Company was founded in 1972 by John C. Brewer who invented, patented and produced the first shredder in the world designed specifically for shredding tires. This shredder eventually revolutionized the waste tire world, becoming a key inspiration for the design and innovation of a variety of shredding machines that followed.

Brewer continued his efforts in the recycling industry and his commitment to the technology led him to another world first. In 1995 he patented the first OTR (Off the Road) Tire Processor. This innovation inspired a variety of designs aimed at handling the large massive tires produced for the mining and construction industry. The OTR patent is one of the Company’s benchmark patents still in force today and it is one of the key machines of the Garb technology foundation.

Garb is currently focusing the majority of its efforts on ewaste technology and development of the ewaste industry. Over 10,000,000 tons per year of ewaste will be produced by the US from 2017. This ewaste will add to the over 40,000,000 tons of ewaste that the world market will be producing, making ewaste a $60,000,000,000 industry worldwide.

The Company aims to build 30 ewaste plants in the United States over the next five years . Each of these plants will be designed to process roughly 22,000 Metric tons of output, generating revenues in excess of $11,000,000 per plant with net profits in excess of $2,000,000 per year. The plants will reflect Garb technology and know-how and be ready to deal with the most stringent environmental requirements.

The ongoing revenue contribution from these plants will position Garb to take advantage of the growth of ewaste as both a resource and a raw material, opening opportunity for expansions in Europe, Central and South America, Middle East, Asia and the Indian sub continent. All plants will follow the ClosedCycle principle, with the clear aim of using everything and wasting nothing.

Importantly, the plants will separate rare earth minerals from the ewaste and re-melt them to sell as a commodity. In the last 3 months, prices for rare earth minerals have jumped 400 to 700% and are expected to continue to increase. China has announced that it will cut export permits for such minerals by 35% in the first half of this year. China is responsible for 95% of global rare earth mineral production and about 60% of consumption currently originates from there.

Company President, John Rossi, recently commented, “Garb’s technology facilitates the extraction of minerals, making it easier for foundries to separate Rare Earth Minerals (BATS:REM) and make them available in the marketplace. Our capacity to deal in large volumes and the ability to facilitate the separation of the REM helps this industry worldwide.”

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