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VIASPACE Inc. and its subsidiary VIASPACE Green Energy Inc. (OTCBB: VGREF) announced today that a new audio interview with CEO Dr. Carl Kukkonen is available at

In the press release, Dr. Kukkonen added to his recorded remarks, “The interview was conducted last week before the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. VIASPACE has many good friends in Japan, and I want to express my sorrow for the tragedy.”

“The ensuing nuclear emergency is also a setback for low carbon energy in the world,” he continued. “Although controversial, nuclear electricity plants present a potential large-scale low carbon replacement for coal-fired power plants. Both nuclear and coal provide day and night electricity with large-scale capabilities of 1000 MW or more. In contrast, solar provides transient electricity only during the daytime and wind on windy days. I believe that natural gas will play a larger role in electricity production in the future, as will biomass. A large biomass power plant today produces 30 MW of electricity. Therefore 33 new biomass power plants are required to replace a single 1 MW nuclear or coal plant. It will be an era of smaller, more distributed electric power generation. Giant King Grass with its high yield and low cost can play an important role in the biomass electricity future.”

Pellets made from VIASPACE’s Giant King Grass can replace up to 20% of coal in existing power plants to reduce carbon emissions. The crop can also be used as a feedstock for new transportation fuels such as cellulosic ethanol, butanol and green gasoline.  

In addition to news of the interview, VIASPACE told investors it is seeking applicants for a new position of Senior Manager of Bioenergy Project Development. The new appointment will lead biomass power project development efforts for the company. The job description is posted on several websites including

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