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BioNeutral Group, Inc. (BONU) Enters Agreement to Expand Ygiene Market

Yesterday, BioNeutral Group, Inc. announced that it had entered into a sales and distribution agreement with consulting firm Raymond Associates to expand the market base for its military-grade antimicrobial product Ygiene. Raymond will represent the Ygiene brand to homeland security and government sectors in the U.S., U.K. And Middle East.

Raymond Associates, founded by American veteran Kenneth Curley, brings to the agreement a track record of acquiring federal government contracts. Raymond has offices in New York, Florida, Baghdad, Iraq and the UAE, and provides development and management services. BioNeutral, based in New Jersey, has developed the antimicrobial products Ogiene and Ygiene, which are part of BioNeutral’s proprietary technologies. These have been proven effective in sanitizing surfaces and water as well as being usable in airborne applications against contaminants, toxins and microbial contaminants.

“Working with Ken presents a unique opportunity to bring Ygiene MG throughout the regions of the world where the ever-present threat of a biological attack and warfare persist,” said Stephen JBrowand President and CEO of BioNeutral Group, Inc. “As a result of our strategic partnership, we expect to secure new orders and government contracts for our Ygiene Military-Grade, which can quickly neutralize a wide variety of on-the-surface, biological contaminants and extremely dangerous microorganisms.”

“We are extremely proud to be representing BioNeutrals’ game-changing, Military-Grade Ygiene(NYSE:TM) technology as a cutting edge defensive counter measure in both the U.S. and abroad,” said Kenneth R. Curley, President and CEO of Raymond Associates LLC. “Based on the independent testing results I have seen, Ygiene is a highly effective disinfecting/sterilizing power that is completely non-corrosive to ferrous metals, making it ideally suited for use on planes, ships and in today’s hi-tech military vehicles. The Company’s recently EPA-approved Hospital-Grade Ygiene, will undoubtedly make a positive difference once put to use in our Military and VA hospitals and other healthcare facilities.”

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