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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE.OB) is “One to Watch”

SEFE, Inc. has developed an entirely new frontier in energy production using tethered balloon collectors to harness the endless sea of energy in the upper atmosphere and deliver it in a highly localizable/customizable fashion.

In order to understand the true market potential of the system SEFE has developed, we must take a closer look at the underlying intellectual property and patents which form the basis for the technology that goes into the various components.

Begun with a vision in 2008 as a new energy solutions provider, SEFE is driven forward by the unmistakably clear trajectory of pollution from and “peaking” in the source and supply chain of non-renewables like oil, gas and coal, as well as the overall inefficiency and cost of renewable forms of energy like solar or wind.

The first two prototype systems, Concordia I and II, validated the primary theoretical model and the applicability of intellectual property to developing all the necessary systems for harvesting atmospheric energy.

The Company has filed for patents on four items since its inception, which comprise the core intellectual property that shall protect this powerful technology and undergird SEFE’s overall business construct, nurturing the technology to its current state:

• Atmospheric Electrical Generator (allowed Oct. 22, 2010), a mechanism to tap an electrical source using an aircraft or tethered balloon with a conductive line
• Dynamic Electrical Converter System (filed Sept. 4, 2008), dynamic electrical converter, able to take in multiple ranges of voltage
• Atmospheric Static Electricity Collector (filed Jan. 16, 2009), antenna for optimal static electricity collection using a tethered or balloon suspended hub
• Atmospheric Electrical Generator with Change of State (filed July 21, 2009), system overview detailing each element, including the dynamic tether/conductive line

The current state of the technology is realized in the design of the Harmony III commercial grade product, ongoing field testing, ongoing expansion of core intellectual property portfolio (over 16 patents now in various stages) and the reception of a patent on the generator component.

Current test-validated analysis has produced breathtaking projections, including electrical kWh for as cheap as $0.03 per unit, electrical load even at low altitudes, and a 50.4k KW per month capacity per system (drawing on some 64k watts at altitudes of 3k feet even under suboptimal conditions).

With an unmistakable horizon looming in fossil fuels, the costly and variable utility of a majority of renewable sources and the need for a solution which can be approached immediately, the world is ripe for the atmospheric energy harvesting solution SEFE has developed.

As global demand for energy skyrockets throughout 2011 and prices/demand/governmental requirements force ever greater pressure for alternatives, SEFE, from its strategic overlook surveying a vast new energy landscape, stands poised to change the entire game.

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