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Lithium Exploration Group, Inc. (LEXG) is “One To Watch”

|Includes: Lithium Exploration Group, Inc. (LEXG)

It’s no surprise that lithium has been called the new oil. The silvery metal is in high demand for use in technologies associated with the green movement and mobile electronics. It’s used to power the growing variety of handheld electronics as well as electric and hybrid vehicles, and also fills the energy storage gap in the solar and wind electricity generation model. This growing demand is on top of lithium’s continued use in the production of glass and ceramics, and in many other traditional applications. Lithium batteries now make up nearly a quarter of the multi-billion dollar global lithium market. Additionally, governments around the world are actively investing in programs encouraging the development and use of lithium storage technology.

Unlike many companies involved in the lithium race, Lithium Exploration Group, Inc., a U.S. headquartered junior mining company, has four distinct advantages:

• Producible Sites – The company’s Valleyview Project represents 100% mining rights, including lithium contained in basinal brines, in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (NW Alberta). A 1995 report authored by S. Bachu, M. Brulotte and L.P. Yuan of the Alberta Research Council, “Resource Estimates of Industrial Minerals in Alberta Formation Waters,” discusses the area as having potential for very large resources of lithium within formation waters. Moreover, of the more than 1,511 records in a 2010 Alberta Geological Survey study, the well with the highest concentration of lithium (140mg/L or ppm) is located nearly in the center of the Lithium Exploration Group property, based on longitude and latitude coordinates. A second well in the top 50 is located approximately a mile from that well. In addition, Lithium Exploration Group’s most recent acquisition is earned interest in lithium containing property in the Salta Province in northwest Argentina on the Puna plateau.

• Economical Production Model – Over 60 active oil and gas wells currently exist on the Valleyview property. Oil and/or gas coexists within the same aquifers as Lithium Exploration Group’s lithium/potassium brines. In recovering the oil and gas, brine is also drawn to the surface, but generally in much larger quantities. The energy operator must process the brine, separating it from the oil and/or gas, after which the brine is returned to the aquifer. Obvious potential now exists for a symbiotic relationship between other energy companies and Lithium Exploration Group, with a result being that Lithium Exploration Group may never have to drill a hole to extract its own resource.

• Market Connections – Although the lithium market is on fire, it’s critical for suppliers to establish early ties with end markets. Lithium Exploration Group already has links to ready markets for their product. Specifically, the company now has connections to some of the largest producers of lithium based products in China and India.

• Proven Management – The single most important element of any developing company is the management team and their ability to identify and capitalize on opportunity. Lithium Exploration Group’s management team has proven especially adept historically in financing and in the adding of shareholder value through strategic acquisition.

Recently, Lithium Exploration announced the appointment of Brandon Colker and Jon Jazwinski as directors. Colker, the founder of four companies, is the CEO of Sustainable Venture Capital, a firm that assists companies in “green” industries with raising capital and expanding joint-venture opportunities domestically and internationally. Jazwinski, degreed in Mining Engineering and with an MBA, is a member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, and worked on one of the largest mine closures and environmental remediation projects to date.

Commenting on the two appointments, Lithium Exploration CEO, Alex Walsh, said of Brandon Colker: “Brandon’s understanding of financial markets and international connections to both financial institutions and industry leaders will be a huge asset to Lithium Exploration Group’s global operations.” Adding of Jon Jazwinski: “Jon is a huge asset to the Lithium Exploration Group team. His experience in the mining industry and geological background will be invaluable in our exploration and acquisition efforts.”

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