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Power Plantations – A World Energy Solution from ViaSpace, Inc. (VSPC)

|Includes: VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC)

It is, without question, one of the most promising approaches to renewable, clean, and dependable energy to ever come along. And yet, in spite of its originality, it involves largely off-the-shelf technologies. Welcome to the world of Giant King Grass (GKG), a fast-growing hybrid grass that is neither genetically modified nor invasive, a proven source of power plant and automotive energy that is both carbon neutral and economical. This energy crop belongs solely to California based ViaSpace, Inc.

What is a power plantation? Imagine this: A 3,700 acre Giant King Grass plantation, where GKG is planted once, and then harvested multiple times each year. It grows exceedingly fast, efficiently capturing the sun’s energy and absorbing carbon dioxide, shooting up to 13 feet high in just a few months. The land being used is marginal land, not imposing on food production in any way. The grass is easily harvested and processed for burning in a 30 MW power plant located nearby, releasing only the previously absorbed carbon, making the whole process carbon neutral.

The close proximity of the power plant means the only thing leaving the plantation is the generated electrical energy, minimizing any pollution from the transport of fuels. The energy is dependable, available day or night in any weather. No experimental technologies or elaborate new infrastructure are required, and, due to the rapid growth and energy richness of GKG, the system is economical today. In addition, part of the harvest can be efficiently processed into various liquid fuels for use in transportation and materials.

The power plantation is a unique combination of renewable energy source, viable only due to the remarkable properties of Giant King Grass, together with a nearby existing-technology power plant. Even if the power plant is not onsite, GKG offers all of the advantages sought from a renewable energy source, but with none of the economic and technical issues normally associated with solar, wind and other approaches.

The best feature of Giant King Grass may in fact be that there is no need to wait for clean renewable power plantations to dot the planet. GKG is already well on its way to cleaning up the power industry. ViaSpace has been approached by industry and government specialists from around the world seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of existing power plants through the use of shipped GKG pellets. The company is now actively engaged in pursuing contracts to supply GKG through partnerships and joint ventures.

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