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Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (BGMO) Means Clean Water And Clean Air

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Using a unique funding system, Bergamo Acquisition is in the process of evaluating global investment opportunities. One strategic investment strategy involves a unique solar powered water pumping system that can be used to power the pumping and processing of water for communities in remote areas of developing nations. Not only can the system provide critical water to millions of people, it also eliminates the pollution produced by the small and inefficient combustion engines often used for pumping in third world countries.

The solar pumping system is comprised of a solar array, a power inverter, and an efficient AC pump.

• Solar Array - The array includes a number of PV modules to capture and convert sunlight to a dependable flow of DC electrical energy.

• Inverter - The proprietary electrical inverter not only converts the DC voltage from the PV modules to AC for driving the pump, it also controls and regulates the pumping operation system, monitoring the available sun energy and adjusting the output frequency to achieve maximum power.

• AC Pump - The 3-phase AC power induction water pump is submersible, and is available in a variety of sizes and types to effectively pump water from wells, rivers, or lakes.

• Processing - Bergamo can also deliver custom water treatment units in different sizes for use in the desalinization or purification of water for drinking.

The system has many additional applications, including:

• Desert Control (sea water desalinization, agricultural irrigation)

• Daily Water Supply (forest irrigation, city waterscape)

• Landscape Fountains

• Pasture Animal Husbandry

• Island Water Supply

• Wastewater Treatment

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