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Mimvi, Inc. (MIMV) Intelligent Search And Recommendation API Based On Biomimetics To Enhance User Experience Across Webxu Network Of Sites

|Includes: Adaptive Medias, Inc. (ADTM)

Mimvi, the pure-play mobile tech company which grew out of Kasian Franks' R&D 100 award-winning search engine technology that uses biomimetics and is therefore capable of delivering highly-personalized, relevant results, reported today that the company has inked a major agreement with LA-based media firm and host to a whole slew of consumer-branded websites and businesses, Webxu, Inc., who will now implement MIMV's Search and Recommendation API.

The giant network of sites (including and which Webxu maintains is a perfect fit for MIMV's technology. The MIMV API will allow Webxu to efficiently monetize traffic via search tools across the entire landscape of proprietary and partner properties in their network. This network represents a huge volume of traffic, well over 10M pages views a month all told, and because the core MIMV technology can be distributed and easily used in so many different ways, publishers will be able to rapidly implement a free search and discovery functionality for their visitors.

Mimvi's extremely portable technology can be injected in a variety of ways and the recent deployment of their search bar inside a handy widget offers publishers a super easy way to just drop in the plugin and instantly offer users powerful search intelligence. Moreover, the Mimvi open API gives developers the tools they need to make new and even more awesome apps built on the core tech, MIMV even provides full documentation on the API for interested developers. This is a huge boon, as anyone who has developed software will immediately realize and MIMV is giving publishers/developers all the tools they need to significantly improve user experience, whether we are talking search tools or ad relevance.

CEO of MIMV, Michael Poutre, characterized the deal with Webxu as a huge springboard for both companies and assured shareholders that this is precisely the kind of company MIMV should be working with, especially considering the huge traffic pipe already created by Webxu, which looks like the quintessential deployment space for this kind of technology. To put it succinctly, Poutre explained that apps are like the gateway to the entire mobile space and MIMV's API is the key to unlocking that gateway, here also enabling Webxu to achieve new monetization highs while providing users with powerful new features.

CEO of Webxu, Keith Schaefer, asseverated wholeheartedly, adding that the goal over at Webxu is to provide users with only the most relevant advertising, while maintaining a consistently high quality level for user experiences across the entire proprietary and partner landscape. MIMV's technology helps accomplish this task easily and locks down a future development vector as well, all in one fell swoop. The kinds of mobile tools and additional online features that can be created from the proprietary search and intelligent recommendation algorithm backbone MIMV provides are virtually limitless.

MIMV makes it really easy to discover great mobile apps and content, as well as mobile products across the entire spectrum of hardware devices and platforms, from Apple and Android, to BlackBerry and Windows Phone, even endpoints like Facebook and the broader web applications space are made easily accessible by this ingenious technology. Really nice to see MIMV and Webxu hooking up like this and investors will want to keep an eye on the relationship as time advances for prevailing downstream innovations that will likely occur as a result of this marriage of network and intelligent search/recommendation technology.

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