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VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) And The Applications Of Giant King Grass

|Includes: VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC)

Giant King Grass (GKG) is a proprietary, dedicated biomass energy crop from VIASPACE that has the advantage of being the fastest growing and most cost-efficient energy crop available. By absorbing as much carbon during growth as is released when burned for energy, GKG offers a sound answer to the critical problem of greenhouse gases and global warming. As a dedicated biofuel, it avoids the cost and logistics problems inherent with waste bio sourcing, and the ability of GKG to grow in marginal conditions eliminates any threat to food crops or agricultural land. GKG is now beginning to be grown in plantations that will feed nearby power plants, but it can also be transformed into pellets that can be shipped to distant power plants, a sort of "green coal."

But Giant King Grass offers other potential applications and benefits, over and above its value as a uniquely practical and affordable source of green electricity. It can also be used as a feedstock for other biofuels and biochemicals. Companies have already independently and successfully tested GKG for ethanol production, including well-known companies in the ethanol business. The results show that a ton of Giant King Grass is just as good as a ton of corn stover, a traditional feed stock, in terms of its sugar content, perhaps better, and GKG is not a food crop. In addition, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has identified 12 important chemical building blocks that can be made from the sugars in cellulosic biomass like Giant King Grass. The high yield of Giant King Grass means that it will be a low-cost feedstock for these processes as well.

In addition, bio-methane can be produced from Giant King Grass using proven and widely-used anaerobic digestion and by second-generation gasification technology. Bio-methane is the "green" energy equivalent of methane, the principal component of natural gas which is widely used for heating, cooking, electricity generation, and as a vehicle fuel.

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