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HII Technologies, Inc. (HIIT) And U.S. Oil Production

|Includes: Hii Technologies, Inc. (HIITQ)

With the endless talk about American oil imports (the U.S. remains the world's largest single importer of oil), it's easy to forget that our nation is also a major oil producer. It's true that the U.S. only produces about half as much oil as it consumes, but keep in mind that we consume nearly a quarter of the world's total oil production. Oil imports to the U.S. fill the gap, with most imported oil to the U.S. coming from Canada, followed by Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

Nevertheless, the U.S. remains one of the top crude oil producers. In fact, the top three crude oil producer countries in the world - Saudi Arabia, followed by Russia and the U.S. - are not that far apart, and are all well ahead of any other nations on the list (Iran, China, Canada, etc. ). And the development of shale deposits, with major sites in the U.S., points to growing U.S. production, very possibly surpassing that of Russia and Saudi Arabia in coming years.

As a long-standing and trusted oilfield services company, HII Technologies, based in Houston, has developed the technologies to provide their many oilfield customers with the power and water needed for modern drilling. The company's water service solutions allow the transporting of large volumes of water from a chosen source to the drill site using high-capacity pipes, which can then be dismantled and moved for use at other sites.

The company's power solutions are available for small (20kW) to large (300kW) power requirements, with even larger customized options. The HII Technologies team has significant experience in portable power and water transfer hydro-fracing markets as well, along with the business acumen to bring new technologies to these operations to grow them and create an advantage for their customers. HII Technologies is well positioned to grow alongside the energy industry in the U.S.

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