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Force Energy Corp. (FORC) Tells a Tale of Two Resources

|Includes: Force Minerals Corp (FORC)

Force Energy Corp. is in the middle of what is shaping up to be a major battle between two previously unrelated resources, a contest that represents a sea-shift in world energy use. The two resources, oil and lithium, have little in common, but are both pivotal in America’s, and the world’s, energy future.

On the one hand you have oil, or, more accurately, all fossil fuels. They represent a direct energy source, providing approximately 86% of all the energy consumed globally, an amount divided between oil, coal, and natural gas, with half of all oil consumption driven by the transportation sector. And yet, despite the world’s almost total dependence upon fossil fuels, supplies, especially of oil, are becoming more and more costly to identify and access. America, once the world’s leading oil producer, is now the world’s leading importer. About 80% of accessible oil reserves are found in the politically volatile Middle East. In addition, despite the growing demand for oil, oil production continues to decrease, and is expected to fall by as much as 20% over the next decade.

Moreover, the problem with oil and other fossil fuels goes beyond the cost of supply and demand. Growing concerns about greenhouse gases and other pollutants released during combustion further increase the pressure for alternatives.

Unlike fossil fuels, lithium is not an energy source. Rather it is a critical component enabling the use of clean alternative energy sources. The high energy to weight ratio and high capacity of lithium-ion batteries make them the solution of choice for the storage of electrical energy, and efficient electrical storage is the key when it comes to eco-friendly electric and hybrid automobiles, as well as for bridging production gaps in solar and wind generation. Without lithium, the green revolution would have far fewer options.

It couldn’t be better news for Force Energy Corp., one of the only American listed junior companies engaged in profiting from lithium in the mineral rich Canadian Shield. The company has acquired an option for a 100% interest in a contiguous block of mineral claims in Manitoba, Canada, with technical reports suggesting a total of over 1.7 million tons of Li2O.

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