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Tivus, Inc. (TIVU) Brings Hospitality into The 21st Century

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With the growing number of information and communication options, individual users are both technologically sophisticated and more demanding. Add to this increasing user mobility, and the pressure on hotels and hospitality providers to keep up becomes clear. Today’s traveler expects more than traditional television, and increasingly looks for the same level of services they get at home, or more. Unfortunately, many hotels are finding it difficult to provide high-speed Internet access together with the robust security necessary to protect both their guests and the hotel. In addition, hotels are struggling to meet growing video-on-demand services with outdated legacy systems, the replacement of which would require increased service fees they are unable to impose in a notoriously cost-competitive industry.

Tivus, an entertainment technology services company, brings a unique ad-supported revenue-sharing solution to the hotel/hospitality industry, offering the most advanced IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and wireless Internet platform in a singularly affordable way. The company’s advertising revenue-sharing concept provides ultra-modern HD flat screen televisions at no capital expenditure to the hotel, effectively turning the hotel’s entertainment system, previously a necessary liability, into a significant new revenue source.

The approach opens the hospitality industry to a world of expandable user services and potential revenue streams, based upon a state-of-the-art future-proof scalable digital platform. Guests enjoy HD services, such as Free-To-Guest, premium Pay-Per-Use, and Video-On-Demand programming, a secure high-speed TV based broadband Internet browser, wireless Internet access, gaming, and many other interactive services. The system delivers a full range of guest services, such as shuttle scheduling, valet, bellman, housekeeping, room service, messaging, folio review, express checkout, and many other personalized services. Furthermore, Tivus protects, maintains, and anonymously remembers each guest’s unique settings and preferences, securely available by the user at any hotel property in the world using Tivus IPTV.

And best of all, Tivus offers a wide range of revenue-generating advertising options, providing customizable targeted advertising for which advertisers are willing to pay a premium. For example, a guest that downloads MP3s could receive music oriented advertising. Traditional spot ads can be delivered at the national, regional, or even personal level. And ads can be enhanced with interactivity, allowing guests to request more information or to link to video-on-demand options.

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