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VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) Offers The Newest Answer To An Old Question

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Although global warming is considered by most people to be a subject of fairly recent interest, at least at the national and global level, the fact is that concerns about the contribution of human activity to global warming appeared in U.S. government statements over 50 years ago, during the Johnson administration.

A recent article by David Hone, published in the The Energy Collective ( shows that the subject of climate change and global warming weren't mentioned much in the popular culture until well into the 1980s. However, a report issued by a special pollution panel of the President's Science Advisory Committee in 1965 warns of temperature rise from CO2 buildup due to the growing use of fossil fuels. The article goes further, mentioning Nobel Prize winning Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius, who calculated back near the turn of the 20th Century possible effects of CO2 on surface temperature.

Today, concerns about global warming are not isolated to a few of the world's scientists, but rather reverberate around the globe as nations large and small seek better ways to deal with anticipated consequences of continuing greenhouse gas emissions. The need for energy continues to grow as the world industrializes. Wind and solar power technology improves, but neither wind nor solar offers a complete solution due to serious limitations. Wind and solar are completely subject to the variations of nature, and can't be depended upon to be fully available every time they are needed. In addition, the losses involved in storing generated electricity from such sources limit their use for automotive transportation, one of the biggest polluters.

California-based VIASPACE, a renewable energy company devoted to the use of dedicated biomass fuels, offers one of the world's highest yielding biomass crop, Giant King Grass (GKG), a super-fast growing energy crop that successfully addresses all of the issues associated with wind, solar, and other renewable fuel solutions. It is highly cost-effective compared to other solutions, plus works with existing facilities and infrastructure, requiring minimal up-front investment. And, since GKG absorbs as much carbon during growth as emitted during burning, it has a low-to-zero carbon footprint. Unlike wind and solar, it is a fuel that can generate energy on demand, at any time of the day or night, and in any weather. Moreover, it can even be processed into green biofuels, like green gasoline, for use in industry and automobiles.

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