Please Note: Blog posts are not selected, edited or screened by Seeking Alpha editors., Inc. (LFLS) Recognized As A Top Residential Loan Originator

|Includes:, Inc. (LFLS), an online mortgage loan brokerage firm focused on Conforming loans, today announced it has been ranked by Origination News as one of the top 2012 loan producers by dollar volume. recorded loan volume of $104 million on a total of 309 loans issued last year. The publicly traded online mortgage loan brokerage was ranked in the top third, taking place 66 out of 200 top residential mortgage loan originators in the United States,

Steven M. Hershman, Chairman & President of, stated, "We have diligently worked to advance broader operations without compromising the quality of current services and outreach. Being ranked in the top third of the list of leading loan producers is testament to our commitment to the Company, our customers and our shareholders. We intend to maintain this upward trend as we continue to increase the value of the brand."

As previously announced, the company is pursuing opportunities to offer its loan services to customers outside the State of California, focusing on proven marketing strategies and business practices.

"We are on track to expand our brand and seek JV Partner(s) to duplicate our [California] origination model in other states and in the meantime we are focused on the two most important rules for a long-term superior success rate, 'better before cheaper and revenue before cost,'" [per article in Harvard Business Review, April 2013].

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