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Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN) Announces Launch of SmartDNA Technology

|Includes: Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN)

Applied DNA Sciences, a leading provider of DNA-based security solutions, reported yesterday the successful launching of the Company’s revolutionary SmartDNA™ technology in Sweden via a country-wide collaborative effort which brought together the Swedish National Police, Sweden’s national forensics laboratory SKL and massive Swedish insurance provider Safe Solution.

Eight different Swedish jewelry stores have installed some 15 SmartDNA units; these unique and patented security systems use botanical DNA to offer a completely new and extremely effective way for everything from stores and banks to ATMs and homeowners to easily mark criminals for easy identification by authorities. The system uses a special sensor or remote switch that is manually pressed to trigger the strategically mounted unit that is placed over the jewelry case or door, forcefully dispensing a mist that is water-based and non-toxic and marks the subject for weeks following the crime, making it a cinch for police to apprehend and positively identify that perpetrator(s), often without them even knowing they have been tagged.

The primary load across all of this first jewelry chain’s stores represents revenues of approximately $400k for APDN, and would also represent a recurring renewal fee of $250k every 18 months.

The number of stores within the initial jewelry chain is expected to rise sharply and APDN will be there to provide custom tailored SmartDNA units that have been configured to meet the exacting needs of the particular location itself. The installation has already caused significant buzz in the sector, as other jewelers beat a path to APDNs door over the new system, with several banks, pharmacies and ATM owners following suit.

CEO of APDN, James Hayward, commented on the instant success of the technology and added that it really does represent the ideal solution for the entire spectrum of modern retail applications, addressing even those security short falls present in existing ATM or banking environments soundly. Hayward extolled the partnership with law enforcement, and noted that police and detectives can now simply use a special detection device to rapidly identify perpetrators via a highly accurate DNA matching methodology based on the applied tag.

Hayward was clearly proud of the SigNature DNA botanical marking technology used in the system and highlighted the uniqueness of its authenticating mechanism, saying that SmartDNA is the first major step towards creating an unbreakable forensic chain to link robbers to their crime. Hayward also pointed to the safety and cost-effectiveness vectors such a system produces, detailing how risk to the insurer was reduced and greater deterrence for criminals was created, as an entire generation of would be thieves quickly learn that a “Protected by Smart DNA” sign means little hope of evading the long arm of the law.

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