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As seemingly every aspect of information flow becomes digitized, it would appear that there is no place left for print-based marketing. Revenue from online advertising surpassed revenue from print advertising back in 2010, and the distance between the two continues to grow. Newspapers and magazines have attempted to make up for losses through their own digital efforts, but found themselves late to the game, and have had trouble restructuring themselves to a fundamentally different environment.

However, there remain aspects of the print world that have yet to be adequately replaced by digital technology. In spite of the exodus from print media there are important print marketing options that companies are now beginning to recognize. Publication advertising space is often far less crowded today, allowing individual ads to stand out in a way not possible before. Print advertising rates, traditionally negotiable, are subject to far heavier discounts as publications shrink and publishers scramble for business. And there are types of print advertising that are still highly effective at reaching a niche audience.

An example is, a fast growing online mortgage loan brokerage, expanding nationally from its California base. The company has dedicated itself to online technology, structuring itself from the ground up to an online platform that it can spread across the country. So it's ironic, and indicative of the still appreciated power of print media, that Loans4Less has recently chosen to launch a major print-media based marketing campaign. The company intends to use 133 provincial newspapers in California to reach 1.7 million readers focused on the real estate and mortgage market.

The company's Chairman and President, Steven Hershman, summed up the rationale behind the move: "Newspaper advertising is a cost-effective way to reach a highly targeted demographic. The existence of Internet marketing doesn't mean print advertising initiatives should be abandoned, it means you get strategic. There are a great many regular newspaper readers out there and we aim to inform them about our highly competitive mortgage brokerage and pricing services."

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