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Vasomedical, Inc. (VASO) Invites Government Leaders To Local EECP® Therapy Centers

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Medical technology company Vasomedical, in response to rising healthcare services in the United States, has contacted roughly 24 Congressman with medical backgrounds to introduce to them alternative treatments that could drastically reform healthcare spending.

Vasomedical notes that the United States spends more than $2.6 trillion on healthcare services annually - more than any other country in the world. - making healthcare reform a top priority for Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C. as well as many American citizens.

EECP Therapy has demonstrated its potential to help reduce the costs of re-hospitalizations and repeated emergency room visits for patients suffering from angina congestive heart failure, one of the nation's most prevalent diseases.

"One of the major challenges to reducing the prevalence of heart disease in the United States, and therefore reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations, is lack of widespread education about how to effectively prevent heart disease and how to treat the disease after its onset," Dr. Jun Ma, president and CEO of Vasomedical stated in the press release. "Many of the common treatments for heart disease - such as bypass surgery and stenting - are invasive; while they are effective choices for relieving symptoms in acute cases, they do not prolong patients' lives or reduce re-hospitalizations, which directly impacts healthcare spending."

EECP Therapy systems have been FDA-approved since 1995 and are used mainly to treat heart conditions, and Vasomedical believes that widespread acceptance and use of the treatment is a significant step in turning America's healthcare system around.

"It is critical that we reach out to policy makers who have a vested interest in healthcare reform to educate them about alternative treatments to typical invasive and costly methods, which have neither been completely effective in treating the conditions, nor successful in reducing hospital costs," stated Dr. Ma. "To that end, we invited several members of Congress to visit a local facility in Washington D.C. or in their home states to learn more about EECP Therapy and the positive impact it could have on our current healthcare system. We hope that once these policy makers become more educated on this technology and its implications, they too will advocate for a more widespread adoption of it."

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