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Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP) Stays Ahead of the Crowd

More than perhaps any time in the past, global financial instability and an uncertain future, together with increasing demands from developing economies, have catapulted the world into a new age, where almost anything in the ground is viewed as a precious and diminishing resource. The spectacular rise in the price of gold and oil over the last 10 years, in spite of a low overall inflation rate, has affected the value of associated land holdings all over the world, and, unless there are dramatic positive changes in America’s debt situation, the trend appears likely to continue.

Daulton Capital Corp., a natural resource finance company, intends to stay ahead of the curve. The company sees itself as a project generator, developing option and joint venture partnerships with major and junior natural resource companies, through to production. The company’s management team has extensive experience in the natural resource sector, and has led the acquisition of various under-funded resource projects.

Most recently, the company has acquired 80% working interest in 750,000 contiguous hectares of a gold exploration property in Paupua New Guinea, north of Australia, through a partnership with South Pacific Connection Ltd. The area has a verified high mineral content, including gold, silver, and platinum, and is a stable location for exploration and production. Mining has been a major part of the nation’s economy for many years, and companies from around the world continue to be attracted to the area as mineral prices increase.

Daulton has also differentiated itself through its commitment to social and environmental responsibility, working with community leaders as needed to address concerns and establish acceptable procedures. The company has even laid out a guide, its template for socially responsible project implementation:

• Act responsibly with integrity, trust and respect
• Provide leadership in safety, health, social responsibility and the environment
• Insist on teamwork and transparent communication through all levels
• Institute programs to educate and employ local workforces
• Continually develop people and reward them for creativity, excellence, and commitment
• Promote positive change by encouraging “best practices”
• Being socially and environmentally conscious within the communities
• Promoting a safe working environment for employees and the local community
• Operating within strict standards of ethics and honesty
• Contributing to the local community

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