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Got Arsenic? National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV) Can Help

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It can be argued that the single greatest contribution to modern industrial society is the availability of clean drinking water. The majority of the human body is, after all, made up of water. People forget that it wasn’t so long ago when many people living in newly formed industrial age urban environments spent the day drinking beer, simply because safe drinking water was a rarity.

Today, municipalities depend upon large scale and complex water processing operations to ensure abundant clean water for personal consumption and use, as well as for agricultural and industrial applications. But many cities around the word, including in the United States, face a growing problem of arsenic and other heavy metals in ground water supplies. Arsenic and mercury, from both natural and man-made sources, continually threaten water supplies, and are difficult to remove. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has been forced to increase the amount of arsenic that it allows in drinking water supplies because of the problem in dealing with it.

National Automation Services (NAS), however, has the processing automation technologies, and experience, to remove up to 99.9% of arsenic, along with other heavy metals and toxins, from water. The Nevada based company is considered a leader in helping growing communities deal with the ever increasing challenges of cost effective water processing, and is currently taking on several projects near Lake Mead in southern Nevada for the removal of arsenic. National has been called upon to supply the sophisticated instrumentation and controls needed to produce arsenic-free water.

The automation and control industry is huge, roughly $400 billion annually, since it involves such a wide range of industrial and governmental applications. The vast majority of companies involved, however, are small regional operations, without the resources to expand nationally. This is seen as an opportunity for NAS to acquire the best of these companies, providing the platform that small companies need to create a larger presence, further expanding National’s geographical and industrial influence.

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