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MagneGas Corp.’s (MNGA) MagneGas™ Fuel Undergoing Testing for Major US Navy Metal Cutting Projects

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MagneGas Corp. announced yesterday that their MagneGas™ fuel is undergoing testing as an environmentally-friendly alternative for major US Navy metal cutting projects. The US Navy has tasked the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) with developing new methods to reduce emissions during the breakup and recycling of retiring vessels, including the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. NCMS has identified MagneGas™ fuel as a “green” alternative available to the metal cutting market. NCMS is now testing MagneGas™ as a means to enhance compliance with air pollution and clean water requirements.

Scott Wainwright, MagneGas Corporation President, stated, “While still at its earliest stage, we are honored to be considered as a potential metal cutting solution for the US Navy, the largest naval fleet in the world. We are confident that our fuel could indeed help the Navy reduce its metal cutting emissions, while also maintaining or enhancing its process efficiency. We are working closely with NCMS and look forward to reporting their conclusions.”

Dana Ellis, Senior Program Manager for NCMS, said, “Controlling air emissions and opacity levels on large-scale metal cutting during dismantling naval vessels is a very important air pollution compliance concern in the Puget Sound region. NCMS is pleased with MagneGas’ participation in this collaborative R&D project intended to optimize fuel gases which produce the best combination of opacity levels and productivity during hot cutting methods at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.”

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is the largest collaborative R&D consortium in North America. Their dedication is to furthering innovation and competitiveness among manufacturers in commercial, defense, robotics, and related industries. NCMS has a 25-year track record in the formation and management of complex, multi-partner collaborative R&D programs. They use a collaborative process that delivers sustainable innovation. This reduces risk and delivers products to market quicker than traditional methods.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, MagneGas Corporation is the producer of MagneGas™. This product is a natural gas alternative and metal working fuel. It can be made from industrial, municipal, agricultural and military liquid wastes following the receipt of appropriate governmental permits.

MagneGas Corporation’s patented Plasma Arc Flow™ process gasifies liquid waste. This creates a clean burning hydrogen based fuel that is virtually interchangeable with natural gas. However, it has lower green house gas emissions. MagneGas™ can be used for metalworking, cooking, heating, powering bi-fuel automobiles and more.

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