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Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA) Set To Take Advantage Of Large And Open Market

When Russia's richest man recently announced the purchase of $100 million in Apple stock, it was one more dramatic indication of the financial changes, and opportunities for wealth, in one of the world's biggest countries. With a population of over 140 million, and close ties to the 190 million people of Eastern Europe, Russia represents a major market for almost everything, but especially for critical necessities such as antibiotics and other basic drugs. In the country's transition from a centrally planned economy to a more open free market, a number of doors have been opened.

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, with government encouragement, is aggressively helping to build what Russia and surrounding countries in the area greatly need: a sound and comprehensive pharmaceutical industry not so dependent upon western suppliers. The recently founded company has already built and equipped a 270,000 sq. ft. pharmaceutical production and distribution facility, using the latest in technologies. It's seen as just the beginning, with the company planning to grow rapidly and become one of the top producers of antibiotics in Russia by 2018.

But antibiotics are to be just one part of the picture for RAFA. The company's strategy is to introduce new hi-tech pharmaceuticals on a regular basis, actively marketing in-house developed and generic pharmaceutical products. RAFA has filed and is awaiting production licenses for various anti-cancer drugs, heart related drugs, ulcer drugs, neuroleptics, and other drugs. In addition, the company has a number of anti-bacterial and anti-viral drugs of its own development, currently undergoing clinical trials. In conjunction with this, the company plans to build highly efficient sales networks, with far-reaching distributorship chains, and also plans to identify potential acquisition targets and possible joint projects with foreign pharmaceutical companies.

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