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VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) Touts Wide Range Of Green Energy Applications For Proprietary Giant King Grass

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When you're talking grass, the last thing that comes to mind is energy. But for VIASPACE, grass is big business, quite literally, in the energy industry.

VIASPACE markets proprietary Giant King™ Grass, appropriately named as it easily grows in 16 feet tall stalks. This is a high-yield renewable energy crop that can serve as an alternative to coal and fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel. The grass is natural, not genetically modified in any way.

Giant King Grass is recognized as the highest yielding biomass crop on the planet. Its list of applications for bioenergy projects is equally as impressive: bio-electricity, biogas, biofuels, biochemical, bio plastics, and biomass all require biomass as a feedstock.

For transportation and logistical purposes, Giant King Grass is dried, made into a powder, and pressed into pellets about the thickness of a pencil and one inch in length. This allows for easier and cheaper bulk shipping and handling.

Once in pellet form, Giant King Grass can be co-fired with coal in existing power plants, reducing the plants carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent without compromising quality of energy.

Working with local partners, power plants, and pellet mill projects, VIASPACE has the capability to deliver an integrated Giant King Grass plantation and biomass power plant in two years.

Under an existing contract with Nicaragua-based Grain Hill subsidiary AGRICORP, VIASPACE is growing Giant King Grass on land owned by the company and recently agreed to form a partnership to build a 12 MW biomass power plant fueled by Giant King Grass.

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