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SavWatt USA, Inc. (SAVW) Merges Business Success with Environmental Passion

In the world of lighting, as in virtually every other industry involving energy consumption, the hottest word is “green”. And the greenest technology in lighting is LED, where a semiconductor diode converts applied voltage to light in a process vastly more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. While incandescent lights spend 80% of their energy producing heat, LED lights spend 80% of their energy producing light.

Quickly becoming an LED market leader is SavWatt USA, Inc., a Maryland based company opening offices around the world. The company has built a reputation for offering the top of the line in LED lighting systems for virtually any lighting application. The company’s success is largely the direct result of a diverse management team that shares a single driving obsession: energy efficient electronics.

• Michael Haug (NYSE:CEO) – Getting into the commercial lighting business through his extensive work in the insurance and consulting industry, where he founded his own companies, Mr. Haug has a history and passion for helping businesses improve their lighting efficiency. He knows better than most the effect it can have on a company’s bottom line and on the community as a whole. He’s been especially involved in the application of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards, an internationally-recognized green building certification system, through which he has helped municipalities, private enterprises, and schools save both money and energy by increasing their awareness of energy efficient lighting.

• Samuel Abecassis (VP Product Development) – One of the founders of SavWatt, Mr. Abecassis has been involved with international business for over 20 years, and has worldwide industrial contacts together with a commitment to energy efficient technologies. He was the owner and CEO of Technology Services, and was also Head of Production for Summit Technologies where he was responsible for $800 million in annual global production. At SavWatt, he is responsible for overall management as well as the development of international distributors.

• Martin Gerber (VP Marketing) – As a SavWatt founder, Mr. Gerber has over 30 years’ experience working with cutting edge electrical and electronic technologies, including a major role in the deployment of CFL lighting, and has extensive experience in the development of associated start-up companies. Conversant with all facets of management, sales, distribution, marketing, operations, and finance, Mr. Gerber also has significant experience importing products from Asia.

• Alex Wenger (VP Engineering) – With a broad background in hardware and software design, including electronic countermeasures controllers, test equipment for missile systems, E-2 Avionics, submarine transmitters, and military field telephone systems, Mr. Wenger learned early the importance of energy efficiency in field military applications. Prior to SavWatt, Mr. Wenger was also VP of Engineering for Bruno-New York Industries, Inc., a military weaponry specialist firm.

• Ken Kovalchik (Sales Director) – Mr. Kovalchik’s interest in energy and lighting comes from his many years of experience in urban planning and construction. He has worked with agencies in New York, Colorado, and Nevada, on large scale residential and commercial developments, and has a commitment to sustainable development, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

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