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Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) Redefines Water Massage

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The idea of using water pressure to generate a relaxing massage, perhaps even relieving some aches and pains, is not a new one. The use of water as therapy goes back to ancient Greece and Rome, where public baths were combined with massage. But the use of mechanized water jets to create an automated massage is more recent. Today there are a variety of systems using water pressure massage, but a product called SpaCapsule, offered by SE Concepts, goes well beyond anything conceived before.

Unlike any previous systems, SpaCapsule was designed by doctors as a serious engine for individual holistic health. In addition to the most sophisticated clothes-on top-down water massage system anywhere, SpaCapsule integrates audio and visual stimulation, all computer controlled, and even incorporates advanced aroma therapy to create the most comprehensive anti-stress solution on the market. The revolutionary SpaCapsule is now being picked up by spas and health centers around the world as a unique offering for health and lifestyle conscious customers.

Pain relief and stress reduction are powerful marketing tools, but the most significant selling point for SpaCapsule could end up coming from a recently completed independent Dermscan study showing that SpaCapsule use promotes weight and cellulite reduction, a fact that should be a major driver of interest for years to come.

SE Concepts has also gone out of its way to make the complexity of SpaCapsule’s inner-workings virtually invisible to the end user. Everything is computer controlled, resulting in extremely simple setup and operation, all residing in one of the most eye-appealing futuristic system packagings ever designed. The company has also taken steps to make SpaCapsule, a high-end product, easy to buy, through the use of several flexible financing and payment plans. All of this is designed to make SpaCapsule attractive to small businesses as a money-generating augment to their existing operations.

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