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Golden Cross Resources, Inc. (CNSX:GOX), Blue Gold Tailing Technologies Ltd. Focus On Innovative Water Purification Solutions

Blue Gold Tailing Technologies is a water remediation company focusing on transforming contaminated waters into pure, safe, drinkable water. The company's environmentally safe solutions address global water purification, restoration, and contamination issues, adhering to EPA guidelines as to what constitutes safe agricultural or drinkable water. Blue Gold then tailors these guidelines to acceptable standards in the jurisdiction in which the technology is used. This technology can also be used to recover heavy and precious metals from mine tailings.

Privately held Blue Gold is currently undergoing acquisition by Golden Cross Resources via merger with Golden Cross' Ontario subsidiary. The emerging company will operate as "Blue Gold Water Technologies," functioning as a waste water remediation and tailings processing business with three proprietary product lines: Pureinator Plants, Process Mine Tailings, and Smartsan.

The company's low-cost Pureinator Plants produce safe, potable water from any source, including seawater, groundwater, and contaminated or polluted water, in an environmentally friendly manner. Through "build-own-operating" contracts, Blue Gold designs, operates, and maintains a client's water and wastewater treatment system based on the appropriate technological and economical solution for the client.

Blue Gold's patent pending Blue Gold LAREMUTEC Technology is short for Laser Aided Methodology with Ultrasonic and Thermo-Electric Conductivity. The technology begins with pond mind tailings or a tailings tank and results in the recovery of precious metals (platinum, gold, silver, uranium) calculated to a 60%-96% level.

SMARTSAN is a green sanitation system designed for rural areas affected by water-stress where basic infrastructure for water/waste-water is not economically viable. Among other features, the product processes raw sewage into usable grey water, is portable and easy to install, operate, and maintain, and doesn't require connection to a municipal water supply or sewer infrastructure.

Blue Gold in January 2012 commenced its first commercial project in Mexico at a private waste management sanitary landfill site where the company estimates 3.3 million tons of household and industrial waste have collected. As of February 1, 2013, Blue Gold had treated 461 million liters of water at the site, the equivalent of more than 170 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Upon completion of the acquisition by Golden Cross, Blue Gold will maintain its strategy to commercialize or license new water technologies to handle and treat domestic and industrial waste under the guidance of Golden Cross' new president and CEO David Rowson as successor to the resigning current chief executive, Tom Kennedy.

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