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ThermoEnergy Corp. (TMEN) is “One to Watch”

ThermoEnergy Corp. engages in the global commercialization of technically advanced, state-of-the-art technologies providing cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for air and water pollution problems. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company’s mission is to become a significant force within the worldwide municipal/industrial wastewater treatment and power generation industries.

ThermoEnergy’s wastewater recovery division provides premier process economics and environmental compliance for an array of industrial and municipal water treatment facilities. Their water division specializes in custom-designed, turnkey solutions for a broad spectrum of clients. This division is being managed from their offices in Worcester, Massachusetts, Little Rock, Arkansas, New York, New York, Phoenix, Arizona, as well as other locations. Furthermore, ThermoEnergy Corp. has established an extensive network of independent dealers and representatives throughout the United States.

The Company’s clean combustion technology goes by the name “ZEBS”. It allows power producers and manufacturers that rely on conventional fossil fuels to take advantage of cheaper energy sources while eliminating essentially all air emissions, as well as achieving full CO2 capture. ThermoEnergy Corp. is pursuing the commercialization of the ZEBS process via a joint venture with Babcock Power Inc., called Babcock-Thermo Clean Combustion, LLC.

ZEBS is a patented new process to produce electricity and liquid CO2 from a diverse mix of energy resources (including coal, natural gas, oil, and biomass) with near zero air emissions of priority and toxic pollutants. ZEBS has its basis in reliable oxycombustion chemistry. It combines the combustion of carbonaceous fuels with essentially complete recovery of all byproducts.

ZEBS can be used as a low-cost alternative for new power plant construction or as a cost-effective method of repowering existing fossil fuel power plants. Any power plant based on the ZEBS process has no use for and does not incorporate a smoke stack.

ThermoEnergy Corp. provides cost-effective, sustainable solutions for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Recovery. They help their clients recover feedstocks, avoid wastewater and contaminate discharge fees, and reuse wastewater in their process to achieve cost-effective solutions. The Company’s proprietary products, CAST™ and RCAST™, combined with off-the-shelf technologies, are inexpensive to install and easy to operate.

Controlled Atmosphere Separation Technology (OTCPK:CAST) is the name of their technology platform. It uses the physical and chemical properties of the process chemistry that they are recovering to separate and recover it from the wastewater. Based on flash vacuum distillation, they adjust temperature, pressure and pH to extract contaminates or water through their partial pressures.

Recently, ThermoEnergy Corp. announced a new marketing initiative to sell their sustainable wastewater recovery technologies in China. They introduced their complete line of sustainable wastewater recovery and treatment systems at the 12th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition & Conference (CIEPEC) Tradeshow in Beijing this month.

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