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SentiSearch, Inc. (SSRC) is “One to Watch”

|Includes: SentiSearch, Inc. (SSRC)

Incorporated on October 3, 2006, SentiSearch, Inc. is a Delaware corporation that holds olfaction (the sense of smell) intellectual property assets. The Company was previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sentigen and underwent incorporation solely for the purposes of holding the olfaction intellectual property assets of Sentigen and their then subsidiary, Sentigen Biosciences. SentiSearch, Inc. has their headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The olfaction intellectual property assets that SentiSearch holds mainly consist of an exclusive worldwide license issued by The Trustees of Columbia University in New York City (Columbia License), and certain issued patents and patent applications titled “Nucleic Acids and Proteins of Insect or 83b odorant receptor genes and uses thereof.” The licenses granted to SentiSearch, Inc. under the Columbia License expire ten years from the first sale of any Licensed Products/Services.

SentiSearch, Inc. holds this license to develop, manufacture, have made, import, use, sell, distribute, rent, or lease products and services in the areas of insect chemosensation and olfaction.

In addition, the Company has patent applications relating to nucleic acids and proteins of insect or odorant receptor genes and their uses. These patents and patent applications relate to the isolation of a gene that appears to be omnipresent among insects. This gene has undergone identification in different species of insects. This includes many that have a significant effect on agricultural production and human health.

The identification of this gene (and the protein that it expresses) may allow for the development of high-throughput screening methods to discover compounds that attract insects to a particular site (and away from one where their presence is undesirable). It may also allow for the development of materials that are distasteful to the insects’ sense of “smell,” making agricultural products, as an illustration, undesirable to the insects.

SentiSearch, Inc. held four patents in the United States and additional patents in certain foreign countries, as of March 31, 2011. The Company also has additional pending patent applications.

SentiSearch, Inc. entered into a Development Agreement with Bayer CropScience AG on August 31, 2010. The Development Agreement became effective September 15, 2010. With this agreement, SentiSearch and Bayer have been cooperating in the identification and development of molecules affecting olfaction in insects.

The design of this approach is to exploit advances in neuroscience to prevent, safely and effectively, crop damage and the spread of human disease by altering insect behavior. This approach may allow for a new level of specificity and efficiency of insect control.

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