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Airline Intelligence Systems Inc. (ASYI) Revolutionizes Airline Business Planning

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There are few industries as volatile and time sensitive as the airline industry. Dependent upon a host of sometimes wildly fluctuating variables, not the least of which is the price of fuel, and with competition carving margins close to the bone with every flight, truly comprehensive and timely business planning has been little more than a dream for airlines. Not only is it difficult to derive and obtain the type of data necessary for meaningful calculations, as opposed to relying upon historical flight information, it has also been impossible to adequately process it. The tools have not been sophisticated enough to handle the advanced processing required.

What has long been needed is exactly what is just now being offered by Airline Intelligence Systems, a Toronto based company that has used revolutionary mathematical modeling software to develop a proprietary business planning system called jetEngine BPS (Business Planning Suite). It’s effectively a new paradigm for strategic airline management, with the estimated potential of saving the airline industry $20 billion annually.

The core of the system is a series of mathematical algorithms able to resolve the vast number of variables involved in airline business planning simultaneously, as opposed to the current planning process which can take months to perform, with answers that are out of date by the time the task is complete. The jetEngine BPS system allows for the virtual redesign of the business planning approach, generating a fully compliant business plan, including detailed fleet, crew, and financial projections and maintenance schedules, but in minutes rather than months. The result is a level of user flexibility and insight never before conceived. The system represents a new category of software that is simply not available anywhere else in the market.

A major airline is already testing a beta version of the newly created jetEngine BPS software.

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