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Airline Intelligence Systems Inc. (ASYI) Estimates $20 Billion Savings Annually for Airline Industry

The airline industry rests largely on three interdependent components, each of which has weaknesses not previously addressed:

• Business Planning – Current tools are inadequately suited to the task
• Revenue Management – Pricing strategies don’t accurately reflect market conditions
• Operations – Operations cannot deal with changes in the timeframe required

Of these three, business planning is considered the most important, since it directly supports the other two, and yet it is the area where airlines have the least effective tools. Due to the vast number of variables involved in airline planning and scheduling, the traditional process has required breaking everything down into smaller individual problems, which must then be solved separately and somehow patched back together to achieve a final plan. The result is often weeks or months, during which time variables continue to shift, making the end plan essentially out of date before it can be implemented.

It’s been the goal of Airline Intelligence Systems, Inc., now finally realized, to use previously unapplied advanced mathematical algorithms, together with the latest capabilities in modern computer processing, to create a system able to handle the volumes of data necessary for the world’s first comprehensive and real time airline business planning solution. AISystem’s jetEngineTM Business Planning Suite (BPS) is all encompassing, and yet so incredibly efficient that it reduces the business planning cycle to only minutes. The result is no less than a revolution in airline business planning, with the potential to save the struggling industry $20 billion annually.

The company’s jetEngine BPS integrates customer demand, industry knowledge, marketing scheduling, fleet scheduling, crew scheduling, and maintenance scheduling, allowing the airline to build a complete business model in minutes rather than months. The system is structured around proprietary algorithms that resolve complex mathematical and statistical problems in parallel, allowing massively complex scheduling problems to be resolved extremely quickly. Because of the sophisticated processing required, the system is cloud-based, riding above the airlines own IT system, making it flexible and easy to access, and pointing the way to a major increase in operational efficiency.

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