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Casey Container Corp. (CSEY) is “One to Watch”

Casey Container Corp. engages in the design and custom manufacture of biodegradable PET, HDPE and other plastic polymer preforms, bottles and containers. These products are for use in the bottled water, beverage and consumer products industries. The Company offers biodegradable plastics packaging solutions using the science of the EcoPure® additive and technology. Founded in 2010, Casey Container Corp. has their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

For Preforms, the Company manufactures bulk and custom PET preforms, ready to be blown into bottles at a client’s facility. For Plastic Bottles, they manufacture finished PET food-quality bottles. They also manufacture Plastic Containers for household cleaners, shampoos, facial cleansers, lotions and other products.

Casey Container Corp. includes the best-of-class Eco-Pure® additive in all of their plastics. They do this through a strategic alliance with Bio-Tec Environmental. Casey Container Corp. blends innovative biodegradability technology with traditional plastics manufacturing to deliver an environmentally responsible product.

Currently, the Company is seeking funding to build manufacturing facilities in Florida and Arizona. The anticipation is that preforms and fully blown plastic bottles and containers will be available in Third Quarter 2011. PET plastic will be available initially. Casey Container Corp. plans to expand rapidly into other thermoplastics such as HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

EcoPure® is a second-generation additive. When added to a resin type during the manufacturing process, it renders plastics biodegradable. The EcoPure™ technology used to make the Company’s plastic packaging solutions biodegradable are useable with polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), polyethyeleneterapthalate (PET), polyethylene (NYSE:PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and most other types of polymer.

The EcoPure™ technology adds nutrients and other organic compounds that weaken the polymer chain. This allows microbial action to colonize in and around the plastic. The bottles, now completely metabolized, turn into inert humus (biomass), biogas (anaerobic) or Co2 (aerobic).

Casey Container Corp. bottles have a shelf life of normal plastic. When placed in an aerobic or anaerobic landfill, the Company’s bottles biodegrade in 2-10 years. This depends on the amount of biodegradable additive in the bottle, the gram weight of each bottle/container and the microbial activity of the landfill it is in.

The Company’s bottles can mix into the standard PET recycling stream, while bioplastics cannot. They designed their biodegradable plastic packaging solutions to meet strict standards for shelf life, appearance, and longevity. This makes them especially suited for retail product environments.

Yesterday, Casey Container Corp. announced that they signed a binding $4 million equity Funding Agreement to build biodegradable PET plastics preforms and bottling production facilities. The $4 million will be funded in tranches over a twelve-month period. The anticipation is that the first tranche of $400,000 will be received this month. They signed the Agreement with Crown Hospitality Group, LLC, an affiliate of CEG Fund Ltd.

Martin R. Nason, Casey Container Corp. President and Chief Executive Officer said, “The first $400,000 enables Casey to set up its first PET biodegradable plastics production facility in the greater Tampa, Florida area and begin shipping biodegradable preforms, which we anticipate in late September or early October 2011. We’ve experienced a large increase in website traffic due to our expanded website and SEO efforts, which has stimulated promising discussions with many prospective domestic and international customers interested in ordering preforms.”

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