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Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) Addresses Two Major Diseases Of The Digital Age

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When we contemplate the effects that digital electronics has had on health, we are likely to think of the truly amazing progress made in things like medical diagnostics or medical information processing and communication. What is becoming increasingly clear, however, are the negative effects that our move to a digital world has produced. Although research in this area is still limited and ongoing, there now seems to be little doubt that the sedentary lifestyle encouraged by the growing, almost addictive use of computers and mobile devices is seriously threatening our nation's and ultimately the world's health. Two of the most significant areas of concern are diabetes and heart disease.

Even a cursory look at statistics for diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. reveals a sharp rise in cases, beginning around 1990 when personal computers and the Web first began working their way into modern daily life. Within two decades, the number of diabetes cases in the U.S. had tripled. Obesity has been related directly to lack of activity in conjunction with sugary foods, and this condition has risen dramatically, more than doubling in children. Obesity is seen as a leading contributor for both diabetes and heart disease. Although new high-tech treatments have been able to help stem deaths from heart disease, it is still a growing and deadly disease, and remains the leading cause of death.

Cardium Therapeutics, a California-based health sciences and regenerative medicine company, is one of the few companies with a focus on both of these major markets. The company's primary lead product, Generx, is designed to do what no traditional heart treatment medications can do, actually stimulate the growth of blood vessels around the heart in order to enhance myocardial blood flow in heart disease patients. Other drug therapies are designed simply to reduce pain. Excellagen, Cardium's lead commercial product, already FDA-cleared, is designed to accelerate the healing process of things like diabetic foot ulcers, a critical problem for diabetes patients. An added benefit is that it can improve healing of many other types of wounds.

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