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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Targeting Multiple Growing Markets

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The Guitammer Company technology was originally conceived for musicians, as a way to help bass players and drummers actually feel the low-end frequency sounds that such players create. For years, one of the frustrations of bass players and drummers was that, in order to hear what they are playing, they had to increase the monitor volume so much that it would often disturb the rest of the band.

Ken McCaw, himself an accomplished bass player, composer, and producer, founded the company, which now uses the same basic technology to enhance the experience of people all over the world, in movie theaters, specialty presentation formats, and even in home kits. The company's proprietary low-frequency audio transducers are installed in seating, allowing the viewer to experience the vibrations of sounds and events.

The company's system has grown in popularity, and is now used by such major players as Disney, IMAX, and AMC, with installations as far away as China. Those who experience it seldom want to return to the old way. The company is also working with live event venues, and offers home viewers a way to experience television, games, and personal music like never before.

The home kit connects easily to a couch or chair, and adds a new dimension to every viewing experience. A key advantage is that there is less temptation to max out the speaker volume, causing problems with others or even injuring hearing.

All of these markets are huge, global, and growing, and the company is poised to take advantage of all the opportunities.

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