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Force Fuels, Inc. (FOFU) is “One to Watch”

Force Fuels, Inc. is developing a diversified portfolio of regulated and standardized energy products. These products include oil, natural gas, solar, wind, and hydrogen. The Company’s primary products are regulated and standardized energy based products that do not require a marketing or sales force. Therefore, this eliminates completely related expenses associated with them.

Force Fuels, Inc. has their headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. They have offices and oilfield operations in Kansas. In the oil and gas field, they focus on the purchase of marginally producing shallow oil wells. These wells are relatively inexpensive to operate and can be optimized with existing technologies.

In addition, the Company focuses on the purchase of leases with potential for additional drilling in proven producing areas. Moreover, they focus on the acquisition of in-house expertise to optimize further production through stimulation, refurbishing, and site optimization.

Force Fuels, Inc. is concentrating on maximizing revenue from their recent acquisition of more than 2,600 acres of oil producing land leases with 49 oil strippers and 5 natural gas sites located in southern Kansas. Their management team believes that the property has significant development potential because the existing wells have been subjected to no or minimal secondary stimulation, and the area has multiple pay zones placed between 600 and 2,000 feet.

In the field of electrical energy production, Force Fuels, Inc. will concentrate solely on the exploitation of proven and established technologies that can generate a positive return on investment and tax benefits applicable to green energy and oil revenues.

Force Fuels’ intention is to continue to take advantage of their Intellectual Property assets via further development, expansion and marketing of the technology licensed from ICE Conversions, Inc. The drive train technology consists of a proprietary, zero emission hydrogen fuel cell/electric battery hybrid drive system. It relies on hydrogen fuel cells to produce electricity and acts as a range extender for electric drive vehicles.

At present, the Company is in the process of selecting a manufacturer to build the first prototypes. Their intention is to combine components purchased from various suppliers and partner those items with their proprietary technology and integrate all the parts into complete electric drive vehicles. This development will undergo implementation through the creation of a fully owned subsidiary.

Last week, Force Fuels, Inc. announced that Mr. Gary Cohee joined their Business Advisory Board. Mr. Cohee is an Investment Banker. He has more than 38 years experience in Syndicate sales, Mergers and Acquisitions, Public Stock Offerings and Private Placements. Currently, Mr. Cohee is the President of PMB Securities Corp. and Cohee Capital Management.

In addition, last week, Force Fuels Inc. announced the signing of an engagement Letter with Carroll Energy. This is to prepare the preliminary Geological reports needed to drill 15 new wells on the properties Force Fuels acquired. This program will require reserve analysis, geological evaluations, reservoir mapping, historical production analysis, and log interpretations. These services will include well completion, work over services, roustabout services, and general field construction services.

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