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Sky Power Solutions Corp. (SPOW) Takes on the Grid

When new technologies are implemented, they often end up moving in directions that are different than originally anticipated, resulting in structural changes within the industries they affect. Such appears to be the case with solar power, the use of non-polluting sunlight to generate energy. When it comes to the generation of electrical power, it’s natural for people to think of big centralized power plants, traditionally the only efficient way to incorporate the large scale structures necessary for the job. However, although efforts continue to apply solar technologies to centralized power generation, there is increasing momentum in the other direction, the decentralized generation of power.

Part of this is due to the exceptional ability of solar technologies to be scaled down to the individual residential or business level. While hydroelectricity, coal, or nuclear options have always been limited to full size plants, solar technology is readily applicable to even the smallest applications. But another reason for the increased interest in decentralized solar power generation is a growing public concern about the reliability and cost of the nation’s, and the world’s, electrical grid. As the problems of generating electricity the old fashioned way, with fossil fuels or nuclear fission, become more pressing, and associated costs creep steadily upward, there is an increased desire for personal energy independence, something that solar is uniquely able to provide.

At the heart of this expanding energy independence movement is Sky Power Solutions Corp., a North Carolina company that incorporates the next generation of lithium ion battery technology, together with a novel solar concentrating collector design, to create a cost-effective stand-alone, residential solar power generation system. The system’s entry level price is expected to be approximately $5,000 at release with the ability to reduce the average user’s monthly electric grid consumption by an impressive 30%-40%. And, of course, all of this includes solar’s well-known assurance of zero emissions and zero carbon footprint.

The Sky Power Concentrated Solar generator has already received positive reports in international media, and the company has also been selected as the exclusive provider of advanced lithium ion battery technology to Li-ion Motors Corp., for use in their all-electric automobiles.

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