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Viking Minerals Inc. (VKML) Completes Review of Data from Dolly Varden Gold and Copper Property

On Friday, Viking Minerals Inc. announced that their Management and Technical team completed a comprehensive review of data collected from the Company’s Dolly Varden Gold and Copper property in Elko County, Nevada. Early results warrant aggressive exploration and investment.

The Dolly Varden area has recognition as a classic eastern Great Basin district. It has base and precious metals associated with upper Paleozoic sediments intruded by Cretaceous auriferous magmas. This is a similar geological setting to the Battle Mountain Fortitude skarn gold type deposit in east central Nevada.

There exist 298 mines in Elko County, Nevada. They are between Reno and Salt Lake City and the region is a prolific copper mining area. Two of the most noteworthy mines include the Robinson Mine. This is an open pit copper and gold mine that has operated continuously since 2005 (producing on average 121 to 126 million pounds annually of copper). Another is the Bingham Canyon Mine. It is the world’s largest open pit mine; it has produced more copper than any other mine in history (approximately 14.5 million tons).

A review of the 59 grab rock samples taken outlined several anomalous molybdenum analyses (100 ppm range with one associated with the high-grade silver sample of 1305 ppm Mo). The review also outlined anomalous values in uranium (3 samples had 190, 160 and 130 ppm U) all associated with the high grade copper and zinc grab samples (up to 9.34 percent copper and up to 20.2 percent zinc).

The association of minerals requires further investigation. However, it suggests that the source of the mineralization is quite metaliferrous. Specifically, the grab samples with 1145 ppm silver (33.57 ounces per tonne) and 347ppm silver (10.18 ounces per tonne), and 2.67 percent copper; 20.6 percent lead; 1.49 percent zinc and 0.154 ppm gold and 9.34 percent copper; 1.95 percent lead; 2.21 percent zinc and 0.116 ppm gold, respectively. These results are located on the northern end of the IP zone, which will be a target.

Several mineralized outcrops of copper rich mineralization have also been found. This is where the IP zone comes to surface, towards the south end of the IP anomaly. Three grab samples were reported from that area – 2.02 percent, copper and 3.9-ppm silver; 0.81 percent copper, 190 ppm Molybdenum, and 16.7-ppm silver, and 3.65 percent copper, 190-ppm uranium, and 1.1-ppm silver.

A drill site testing a resistivity high area approximately 2,000 feet east of the main IP zone also reports alteration and copper mineralization. Results here included two grab samples of 5.7 & 3.4-ppm silver; 1.32 percent and 0.535 percent copper; 129 and 690 ppm molybdenum and 0.193 ppm and 0.134-ppm gold, respectively.

Geological mapping identified a Quartz Feldspar Porphyry (QFP) intrusive associated with the chargeability anomaly and the rock geochemistry anomaly. QFP’s are associated with the skarn and porphyry copper deposits of the Nevada basin area.

Viking Minerals Inc. President, Mr. Charles Irizarry, commented, “The general market for Gold and Copper keeps getting better and better, it only makes sense to ramp up both exploration on the Dolly Varden as well as further acquisitions in Elko County area with an emphasis on near term production of both Gold and Copper. Sample results have shown Copper values as high as 9.34 percent on our Dolly Varden property, as a comparison the neighboring Robinson Mine averages about .5 percent copper. The company looks forward to reporting Dolly Varden drill results over the next 4 weeks”.

Headquartered in Arizona, Viking Minerals Inc. engages in the acquisition and development of near-term producing copper, gold and silver properties in the U.S. and Canada. The Company is focusing on developing their Dolly Varden properties in northeastern Nevada, adjacent to the Victoria Copper mine. The large resource of copper in this area (well documented) hosts two large operating mines – Battle Mountain and Robinson.

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