Tungsten Corp. (TUNG) High Concentration Tungsten Anomalies Detected At Cherry Creek In Nevada

Jun. 18, 2013 5:46 PM ETTUGHF
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Tungsten Corp., the domestically focused tungsten developer which has put together a nice land package between their 2.3k-acre Cherry Creek property in Nevada and a second project in Idaho, at the historically-producing Wildhorse Mine property, reported today that analysis of the most recent survey data on Cherry Creek has kicked up a bunch of new, heavily-mineralized areas.

A battery of rock, soil, and stream sediment sampling from the last work phase, parsed by Carlin Trend Mining Services Ltd., over in Elko, shows several targets with high concentrations of tungsten mineralization, and the company is already raring to go for another round of sampling. Plans are to get an even more comprehensive survey worked up during this next phase of field work, set to commence directly, with the primary emphasis being on up-stream or other analytics designed to pin-point the sources of the observed tungsten anomalies.

Concentrations well above the economic threshold of 5ppm detected up-stream of areas located by the survey are extremely encouraging to the company, and TUNG will be eager to expand the basis of their claim at Cherry Creek as sources are identified for the mineralization in what are essentially undocumented areas. There has been some tungsten development in the broader district, with operations stretching back to WW1, but it was all of limited scope and TUNG is sitting on prime territory in the heart of a 36 square mile chunk that has also seen a good deal of gold and silver mining, as well as the mining of some other base metals.

President of TUNG, Guy Martin, was excited by how the survey results show previously unknown and highly anomalous tungsten spikes and conveyed to markets how big the upside could be here. Everyone at the company seems fired up to get at the roughly four new areas during the upcoming work program, and this next phase should produce a much higher resolution image of the tungsten at Cherry Creek, as the sources are identified in much greater detail.

One of the chief anomalies is downstream from a known source and is a perfect case for there being multiple mineralized zones in this one particular area. Returns in the range of 24.0ppm to 31.8ppm from this area offer a solid portrait of the potential for more hot spots in the southeastern quadrant of the claim block and this area will likely be the first stop in the next leg of TUNG's field work.

In the southwest of the block at Pinenut Canyon, which is virgin territory, from both sides of the canyon's slopes we have tungsten concentrations in the 9.0ppm to 11.7ppm range, making this an extremely juicy target area with some relative blue sky potential that will have to be looked at closely in this next phase. Up north of Pinenut there is another area of similar grade, with results around 6.1ppm to 7.4ppm and again there are no known historical tungsten prospects or old workings to speak of, meaning the tungsten here is ripe for the picking. The final target on the list is a big basin just east of the claim block's center that is up-slope from known sources. This last area, despite having no known tungsten mineralization, returned results in the neighborhood of 7.1ppm.

These are all economic grades and TUNG will no doubt be chomping at the bit to start the next phase of their work program at Cherry Creek, especially as mounting restrictions, in the form of trade practices by international suppliers, continue to comingle with attractive upturns in the value of tungsten. Tungsten Corp. knows the score on long-term tungsten market dynamics and is positioning shareholders to capture ROI as renewed interest in domestic production starts to heat up. Tungsten remains an indispensible component for an array of things, but chiefly cemented carbides or hardmetal tools, the backbone of shaping other metals and materials, or making up parts of heavy-duty mining and construction equipment.

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