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Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (ESPH) Rolls Out Ozonix® EF10M, A Next-Gen, Highly Modular Water Treatment Frac Tank System

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Ecosphere Technologies, the water treatment engineering and manufacturing specialists with an increasingly strong hand in the technology licensing end of the game, unveiled the latest development in their Ozonix® line of chemical-free, high-volume, and fully mobile self-contained water recycling Ecos-Frac® systems as the first EF10M is being built for an order by Ecosphere Energy Services (of which ESPH is a majority owner).

This line of hardware uses ozone to oxidize a vast array of pollutants in conjunction with aggressive acoustic and hydro cavitations, as well as electrochemical oxidation, resulting in a robust solution that is great for high-volume processing with a 99.99% bacterial elimination rate. Ecos-Frac products have been used to date on over 740 oil and gas wells in the U.S., treating and recycling a whopping 3B gallons of water.

The Ozonix frac tank system is highly modular and is designed from the ground up to offer operators an easy to use solution that is appropriate for a small or large footprint, featuring a plug-and-play water treatment system and custom 500 barrel frac tank that can be easily removed. Despite the revolutionary results of this chemical free process, which destroys bacteria with ruthless efficiency, the EF10M can do 10 bbls/min, or over 600k gallon/day, making the unit a game changer for on-site water remediation.

This baby is already in production runs at the company's U.S. manufacturing facilities and its amazing capacity to eliminate waste byproducts or residual pollutants as well as bacteria are remarkable, making costly disposal, separation, and transportation concerns a thing of the past. The design is a natural extension of the proven EF10 framework that has seen so much success for the company in Arkansas' Fayetteville Shale.

CEO of Ecosphere Energy Services (NYSEARCA:EES), Robert Cathey, praised the easy mobilization and demobilization of the Ozonix modular frac tank system, confident that their customers in the oil and gas industry will jump at this next-gen E&P-enabling system. A huge baseline market of some 150k Class II oil and gas-related injection wells, handling over 2B gallons of brine and other fluids per day, is some serious low-hanging fruit for ESPH and the EF10M is a perfectly executed deployment in this space.

The market is primed for an environmentally sound, high-cap water remediation technology like this and the modularity/transportability, as well as other ease of use advantages, makes the commercial upside potential for ESPH a no-brainer. EES is looking at the 50k some odd injection wells in Texas alone hungrily, and the growth potential across the board in the injection well space should be abundantly clear to even the lay investor.

Chairman and CEO of ESPH, Dennis McGuire, expressed a great deal of confidence that all the proper characteristics are there with the EF10M for great success and detailed the wide range of oil-field water treatment scenarios easily satisfied by the unit. McGuire made it clear that the modular Ozonix system designed specifically for the EF10M was perfect for any of the typical jobs, from disinfecting water at the well site, to being placed at a centralized water recycling hub, or even removed entirely from its on-board storage tank for use at Class II disposal wells or in treatment facilities.

Rapid deployment of a chemical-free and environmentally sound yet high-cap (420 GPM) water remediation node, that is self-contained yet modular enough to serve a wide range of roles on the site, is now possible via ESPH's cutting-edge designs and technology. EF10M is going to be a big hit with E&P's and injection well operators alike.

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