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Dolphin Digital Media Produces New Web Series, “Hiding”

On July 22, Dolphin Digital Media, Inc, (DPOM) announced that it would be producing a new web series, called “Hiding”. The series will be comprised of six episodes, with a running time of ten to fifteen minutes per episode. After the series has run its course online, it will be repackaged and sold as a made-for-TV movie.

Dolphin Digital Media is a producer of digital and new media content. “Hiding” will begin principal photography on August 8, in Alberta, Canada, and will be directed by Thomas Wright. Wright has worked on several popular television series, such as NCIS, Castle, One Tree Hill and Smallville. The series is written by Brian Hurwitz.

“Hiding” will follow the exploits of high-school student Alicia Torres, who is entered into the Witness Relocation Program after seeing her parents killed by the son of a crime boss. Alicia is forced to move from New York City to Montana under the name “Josephine Russo”, where she will try to build a new life for herself, while having no contact with or connections to her previous existence. Meanwhile, Alicia is being pursued by a bounty hunter determined to discover her new identity and location.

“Hiding represents one of the best ‘high concept ideas’ we have seen in a long time,” said Dolphin Digital Media CEO Bill O’Dowd. “At one level, Hiding is the classic story of a teen love triangle, with Jo having to choose between Jesse, the soulful artist, who represents what Jo has left behind, and Brett, the charming jock, who represents the world Jo has entered. On another level, Hiding is a thrilling suspense story, as a lethal bounty hunter gets progressively closer to uncovering the truth of Jo’s location. And at its heart, Hiding asks the fundamental question: How can Jo learn to be herself… when she can’t be herself?”

“Kudos to Brian for creating and developing such a great story, and with such an engaging and vibrant female lead character,” continued Mr. O’Dowd. “And we know we couldn’t be in better hands than those of Thomas Wright. Tom’s recent work is a rare blend of young adult dramas and broad crime stories, the perfect combination for the story of Hiding. We think we have a special series, and are excited to get started.”

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