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Scorpex, Inc. (SRPX) Prepares to Capitalize on Mexico’s Waste Disposal Industry

The market for hazardous and industrial waste naturally increases in correlation with growth of the human population. Landfills have long been the method of waste disposal, but below the surface of the layers of dirt “hiding” our waste, reactions take place that create long-term environmental problems.

This is where Scorpex steps in. The company is executing its operational mission to own and operate a full-service waste disposal and recycling company. Its first facility will be located on a 26-acre property just outside Ensenada, Mexico, ironically less than three miles from the region’s current landfill. The property will house ten hazardous waste storage structures, with the first storage facility 80 percent complete.

Scorpex has partnered with IET of Danville, Ky., for the installation of a waste gasification plant on site. The IET solution is a thermal oxidation process that takes waste, transported by waste haulers, and drops it into an air-tight gasification cell. Once the cell is closed, the system is activated and the temperature of cell is raised to 800 degrees, without the presence oxygen. The waste is then turned into smoke, dust-free gas, and vented into secondary processor where it is mixed with room air and then ignited by pilot burners that creates hot air flow. This hot air stream can be reclaimed to create hot water and steam.

This gasification method burns off 95% of the waste’s volume, and allows for immediate processing of waste as it arrives at the plant. Even though the process is essentially emission free, IET provides their own scrubber design for all projects to give extra protection regardless of the contaminant. With so many great features, detailed in a recent press release, and full support included, it is obvious that Scorpex did their due diligence prior to selecting the required processing equipment for their operations.

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