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STWA, Inc. (ZERO) is “One to Watch”

STWA, Inc. creates technology focused on energy efficiency of large-scale energy production and improved fuel economy for diesel fleets. Their patented and patent pending technologies include AOT™ (Applied Oil Technology), under development with Temple University, and ELEKTRA™ (for Improved Diesel Engine Efficiency). STWA, Inc. has their headquarters in Santa Barbara, California.

STWA’s technology has two primary commercial applications. One is reducing pipeline operation costs. The other is reducing fuel consumption costs. STWA™, together with Temple University, developed a plan for use of the Company’s technology at major oil and oil service companies and by divisions of the U.S. defense department.‏

The Company’s technologies provide efficient and cost-effective means of improving the efficacy of crude oil transport and diesel engine efficiency. These are to assist in meeting worldwide increasing energy demands and emission quality standards. Applications include AOT™ Crude oil extraction & delivery systems; and ELEKTRA™ Diesel trucks, trains, marine vessels, military fleets and jet turbines.

AOT™ reduces the viscosity of crude oil. It increases flow rates and lowers the energy requirements for pipeline transmission systems. ELEKTRA (also being co-developed with Temple University) improves diesel engine performance, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy by assisting in fuel atomization just before combustion. This technology expands upon the physics principles employed by the Company’s Applied Oil Technology for diesel fuel and its derivatives.

Yesterday, STWA, Inc. announced that they are exploring marketing and development relationships for their Applied Oil Technology (AOT™) product and seeking an oil industry partner for full commercialization.

Mr. Cecil Bond Kyte, CEO of STWA, Inc., commented, “With testing at the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) underway and preliminary results forthcoming, we feel that we are ready to start discussions with marketing and development partners who can help us bring the technology into commercial production and distribution. Our relationship with Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) has been extremely beneficial in identifying interested potential partners. We’ve also had interest from groups outside of PRCI and we are exploring all of our options at this time.”

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